Important information


Dear holiday guests

Our holiday flats should be a second home to you.
You should feel comfortable and rest. We have put a lot of effort into the furnishing and hope that you will find everything you need.

The following house rules are an aid to a harmonious stay. We have also listed a few rules that we hope you will understand. By treating the flat in an orderly manner, you will also help us to offer you and other guests’ satisfactory premises in the future.

If you find anything missing from the facilities or if you need help, please contact us in confidence. All things in the holiday flat or on the balcony or terrace, or belonging to it, may and should be used by the guests. Please handle the entire furnishings and inventory with care and treat the rental property with care.

Please ensure that your fellow travellers also comply with the rental conditions.

Departure - what do I have to consider?
We kindly ask you to leave the flat in a neat and tidy condition** and to put the used dishes back into the cupboards. If you have had breakfast, please leave the dishwasher running - we will put the dishes away for you. Please remove your rubbish and do not leave any food in the fridge! We would also like to ask you to close all windows & doors. Thank you!

**It is not necessary for you to strip the beds or vacuum; this is done by our team during the final cleaning. 

Please find here the standard equipment of our flats. In the large flats the number of dishes is increased. Should you miss anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nobody damages things on purpose, but it can happen to everyone that something gets broken. We would appreciate it if you would inform us of any damage that has occurred, so that we do not discover it only after your departure. The tenant is liable for damages to the amount of the replacement costs.

Waste disposal
The waste disposal area is located in the courtyard to the side of the red hall.
The waste is separated into residual waste, glass, paper and packaging with the green dot. Please only use rubbish bins and cosmetics bins in the bathroom with rubbish bags and dispose of them closed in the residual waste bin. No waste, food leftovers, harmful liquids or similar should be thrown or poured into the kitchen sink, toilets, wash basins and shower! Avoid anything that can cause blockages in the pipes (no hygiene articles in the toilet). The toilet flush economy button had to be taken out of service.
Due to an incident last year, the fire brigade advised this.

Fireworks/New Year's Eve
The setting off of fireworks/table fireworks is prohibited on the entire grounds, on the terraces and balconies for reasons of fire safety!

Barbecuing is prohibited on the entire grounds, on the terraces and balconies for reasons of fire safety!

House rules
In case of immediately necessary repairs, it may be indispensable for the landlord to enter the holiday flat without the guest's knowledge.

Please take care of the kitchen equipment and the technical appliances.
Since a dirty kitchen pleases no one, please put dishes, pots and cutlery in the cupboards only when they are clean and dry. Please do not place hot pots and other hot objects on the tables or worktop without a trivet. Always use a chopping board as a base for cutting.
Please leave the interior of the oven and microwave in a clean condition.

To avoid the formation of mould, please air the rooms sufficiently, at least once a day for 5-10 minutes, especially after taking a shower.

Quiet times
In the interest of good neighbourliness, we ask you to observe the public rest periods such as midday, night and Sunday rest. Out of consideration, quiet should also be kept in the holiday flat itself between 22:00 and 7:00.

Smoking is only permitted on the balconies. Smoking is not permitted in the holiday flat or in the building. Please dispose of completely cooled down cigarette butts in the rubbish bin.

Duty of care
We ask our guests to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that fellow travellers and relatives also comply with the rental conditions. The entrance door and main entrance doors should always be closed and locked with a key when leaving the house (flat door). Likewise, all windows should also be closed when leaving the flat to avoid possible damage due to storms or burglary. Water and electricity resources should be used sparingly.

Please never give the keys out of your hand. Any loss of keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.