History Dockside

Welcome to Dockside Travemünde! We have done everything to make your holiday in our holiday flats an unforgettable time. No matter what the season, Travemünde is incomparably beautiful. Experience the immediate proximity to the harbour in our flats. You have a view of the water from all flats and, depending on the season, you can watch the hustle and bustle in the harbour. Did you know that our building was not newly built, but has a long history? 

You live on an old shipyard site that has a lot of history to offer. 1919 is the founding year of the Hagelstein (Hatra) machine factory and shipyard. From 1952 onwards, sea-going vessels of up to 1000 tonnes were built here. Until 1961, 29 ocean-going freighters and 7 inland waterway vessels were launched at the shipyard. Then the Hagelstein company gave up shipbuilding and switched entirely to the production of road rollers, which were exported all over the world. The machine factory also built so-called "swivel loaders" that could rotate 360 degrees and lift loads of up to almost 4 tonnes. 20 of these machines were used during the storm tide disaster in Hamburg in 1962. Our "Dockside" served as an administration building for the Hatra company. 

The following years were marked by various changes of ownership and different uses of the building. The site now seems to have found its final destiny, being dedicated to holidaymakers due to its unique location on the water. The owner family has been firmly rooted in Travemünde for generations. They have named this house "Dockside" because it is located on the former shipyard site and they want to continue the maritime tradition in many aspects.  With great attention to detail, the family has opened the "Dockside", after extensive renovation & refurbishment work, in December 2019 and enjoys the great popularity and enthusiasm of our guests. 

The history of this place is kept alive throughout the house on black & white photographs, with the close proximity to the neighbouring Böbs shipyard also acknowledged in the pictures. The Böbs shipyard continues the maritime tradition and was founded in 1912. While for a long time it built new yachts and motorboats, it is now busy repairing and converting boats and has a large yacht yard. In spring, you can be there live when the motorboats and sailing yachts are brought into the water by crane from their winter storage in the halls. 

We would also like to mention the proximity to the Scandinavian quay. The ferries from Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania turn around right before your eyes before they moor at the quay. Cruise ships such as the MS Europa, the Queen Mary or "Mein Schiff" also visit Travemünde and then turn directly in front of the "Dockside", which is a tremendous sight.