Hotel von A bis Z

Additional Blanket/Pillow: You can request an extra blanket or a second pillow.
                                                   Please ask at the reception.

Awakening: Should you wish a personal wake-up call, please register it at the reception.
                       In addition, there is an alarm clock in your iQ-Pad.

Bathrobe: We are happy to provide you a bathrobe for your stay in our hotel.
                   Please ask at the reception.

Bike rental and repair "Eldorado", Bayreuther Str. 40
                                         Telephone (09221) 64 77 9 (about 1,400m from the hotel)

Bicycle repair "Icehouse Fashion & Bikes", Fritz-Hornschuch-Str. 7
                           Telephone (09221) 86 75 4 (about 450m from the hotel)

Breakfast: Breakfast times: 07:00 to 09:00 from Monday to Friday
                                                 08:00 to 10:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
                 If you would like to have breakfast earlier or later, please contact the reception.
Charging cable: You have forgotten your charging cable? Please contact the reception,
                             we have a selection of common charging cables in stock.

City tour: April to October, every Saturday 10:00 am from Tourist-Information.
                  Available for groups around the year on pre-order.
                  Duration approx. 1 hour.

Cycling: We are happy to assist you in the preparation of your tours.
               Maps and information are available at the reception.

Color light: Color light therapy according to Dr. med. Kern in our infrared heat cabin.
Blue, the color of the sky and water promotes rest, peace and quiet relaxation.
           It helps to relieve stress and soothes anxiety and insomnia.

Yellow is the color of the sun. It promotes thinking, increases positive attitude to life and general well-being. Yellow colors motivate the mind and dispel gloom and melancholy. They also have a positive effect on the digestive tract.
Green is the color of nature. Green light calms and inspires at the same time. It gives recovery and regeneration and promotes inner and outer harmony. Green light calms the heart and nerves. It has a beneficial effect on inflammation, headache and cough as well as supports the eyes in case of fatigue.
Red promotes vitality, emotionality and assertiveness. The color of activity and warmth makes you active and talkative. It stimulates blood circulation and raises the energy level. So red contributes to a general increase in well-being and vitality.

Copy service: We are happy to make photocopies or scan them for you at the reception.
General medicine:  Dr. Braese / Dr. Roßberg telephone (09221) 7 46 48
                                   Praxis am Stadtpark; Hardenbergstr. 38 (about 200m from the hotel)

Ophthalmologist: Dr. Kaufmann  phone (09221) 20 90
                                 Friedhofstraße 1 (about 60m from the hotel)

Otolaryngology: Dr. Heuwieser telephone (09221) 3837
                              Schießgraben 21 (about 800m from the hotel)

Dentist: Dr. Rosenbusch telephone (09221) 6 44 55
                Wilh. Meußdoerffer-Str. 2 (about 200m from the hotel)

Entrance: our main entrance is opened, daily Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 22:00 and
                  on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 08.00 to 21 o'clock.
                  You can enter the hotel round the clock with your keycard at the side entrance
                  located in the Hardenbergstr.

Fitness room: On the first floor right next to room 12 is our small fitness room.
                          Various exercise equipment is available.

Flowers: “Verdel Blumen”, Kressenstein. 16 Telephone (09221) 82 74 73 (about 400m from the hotel)

Garage: You are welcome to park your car in our locked garage.
                Carport 5, - € per day

Hiking: We are happy to assist you in the preparation of your tours.
               Maps and information are available at the reception.

Hygiene products: You forgot something?
                                  We have a selection of toiletries available at the reception.

Infrared on the 1st floor right next to room 12 is our infrared heat cabin.
Heat with color light therapy according to Dr. med. Core. (see also color light therapy) available.
Cabin: Information, sauna towel and tokens at the reception.
We are happy to provide you a bathrobe for your stay in our hotel.
1 token costs 5, - € and is for 1 hour.

Linen: For longer stays we will automatically change your linen 2 times a week.
            On request, we also change your bed linen daily.

Laundry: We gladly wash and iron your laundry for you.
                 Return after consultation.  See the closet for a price list.

Luggage: We can bring your luggage to the room or back to the hotel lobby.
Luggage transport for cyclists or hikers: We are happy to bring your luggage
charge to your next destination. Please ask at the reception.

Magazines: See your iQ-Pad.

Minibar: Located under the desk.
               Kulmbacher Pils 0,5 l                                 € 3,-
               Mönchshof Kellerbier 0,5 l                         € 3,30
               Mönchshof Schwarzbier 0,5l                     € 3,30
               Mineralwasser 0,5 l                                    € 2,50
              Coca Cola 0,5l                                             € 3,50
              Vio Fruchtschorle 0,33l                                € 3,-
              Frankenwein 0,25l                                        € 4,50
              Erdnüsse                                                      € 2,50
              Schokolade                                                   € 2,-

Pharmacy:          Stadtpark Apotheke Phone (09221) 6076043
                                 Hardenbergstr. 30 (about 50m from the hotel)

Phone: Via your iQ-Pad. Please press 0 and then dial the number.

Pillows: Upon request, we gladly provida a second pillow or blanket.
               Please ask at the reception.

Radio: In TV or iQ-Pad.

Reception: Our reception is open daily Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 22:00 and
                     on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 08.00 to 21 o'clock.
                     In emergencies we can be reached via your iQ-Pad Phone (0) 09221 97 40 00.

Restaurant: Our restaurant is only open for groups and companies upon reservation.
                       Are you looking for a typical Kulmbacher restaurant?
                       We are happy to assist you at the reception.

Sewing kit: Can be found in your closet

Shoe care: There is a shoeshine machine available for free.
                     You will find the machine in the stairwell 1st floor.

Tourist information: Buchbindergasse 5, telephone (09221) 95 88 0 (about 1.000m from the hotel)

Towels: Your hand / bath towels are automatically changed in case of dirt or heavy wet.
               If you want a daily change, put them on the floor.

1 ARD                            13 ARTE                            25 Pro 7 Maxx 37 ZDF culture
2 ZDF                             14 N TV                             26 ARD alpha 38 MDR Saxony
3 WDR Cologne           15 Phoenix                       27 rbb Berlin 39 sonnenklar tv
4 SAT 1                          16 hr television               28 rhein-main-tv 40 TecTime TV
5 RTL                              17 Eins Festival               29 RTL Nitro 41 1-2-3 tv
6 RTL 2                           18 One Plus                     30 SR Television 42 Sophia TV
7 Pro 7                           19 Euro News                  31 SWR BW 43 Juwelo HD
8 cables                         20 Eurosport D                32 daily 24 44 Genius Plus
9 VOX                             21 NDR                             33 Anixe HD 45 Channel 21
10 3 sat                          22 BR North                    34 KiKa
11 German Music Fe.  23 N24                             35 ZDF info
12 Super RTL                 24 Sat1 Gold                   36 ZDF neo

46 sky News intl.                 47 CCTV News                         48 Al Jazeera intl.

49 TV Tamazight 50 2M Fashion 51 TV Coran
52 RTR                                 53 STS International                  54 Shanson TV 55 THT
56 8 TV RU                          57 Rossiya24

Turkish: 58 TRT Turk
Farsi (Persian) 59 Ganj e Hozour TV
Please take care of other guests and only set up your device on low volume.

Umbrella: You are welcome to lend an umbrella for free at the reception.

Valuables: You can deposit larger valuables in our safe at the reception.
                    Otherwise there is a small safe available in the wardrobe.

Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire house and in the garden, your Wi-Fi key can be found on the back of your key card. If problems persist, please ask our receptionist for our IT support service, Mr. Ströhlein, from the company Scom. (8:00 am to 7:00 pm, not on weekends)

Room service: Our room service is available between 8:00 and 20:00.
                           We will gladly serve you drinks in your room during this time.