Maybach Automobile Museum

Enjoy an unforgettable day in Neumarkt /i.d. Opf. And immerse yourself in the 125-year history of the automobile.
Experience an interesting and varied guided tour through the museum. This presents the worldwide unique exhibition about the success stories and the creations of Karl and Wilhelm Maybach.
More than 10% of all Maybach vehicles still in existence worldwide can be seen here. The past of Maybach engine construction shows 16 to 18 historic automobiles, many engines and short films.
Pictures and stories about the Maybach automobiles and their prominent first owners also fill the museum with the charm of the time.
The museum for historic Maybach vehicles is not a museum that deals purely with technology, history or design. Rather, it connects all three components and forms a single unit, the "history of the Maybach brand".

Holzgartenstraße 8
92318 Neumarkt
phone: +49 (0) 9181/4877-100