Weisswurst Museum

This is about the sausage: on an area of ​​around 150 square meters, the small but fine museum in an outbuilding of the long-established Wittmann butcher's shop shows the complete, around 150-year-old original equipment of a Butcher's shop from the Aichach area, which Wittmann was able to purchase by a happy coincidence and add more "found items". The remarkable collection of nostalgic machines and objects - most of them fully functional - was perfectly staged in the order in which they were used at the time and allows an occasionally amusing look into the meat processing and sausage production of earlier times. The highlights of the colorful collection include a wealth of machines and equipment, an old transmission drive - a sight for technology fans - a 400-year-old chopping block and an ancient wooden "refrigerator".

Bahnhofstraße 21
92318 Neumarkt i.d.OPf.
phone: 09181 907426