Regensburg Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral is the spiritual heart of the diocese. It is faith turned to stone, which has shaped the lives of the people for centuries. It is the widely visible centre of the city of Regensburg and an outstanding testimony to the Gothic style in Bavaria. Regensburg Cathedral is above all a place of prayer. It is here that the Bishop of Regensburg and the Cathedral Chapter celebrate services in communion with the faithful. At the same time the cathedral is the burial place of the Regensburg bishops. But it is also the place where the Regensburger Domspatzen have for centuries performed their liturgical service in the musical arrangement of the services. On the website pages you will find information about opening hours, the building, when church services take place or which guided tours can be booked.

Niedermünstergasse 1
93047 Regensburg
phone: +49 941 597-01