Planetarium with Ursensollen Observatory

In our new planetarium, a digital fulldome 3D projection system works with two high-resolution LED projectors in a perforated seamless metal dome. The dome room has 30 upholstered seats in three rows with the seat position ergonomically adjusted backrest angles, so that you can enjoy the events comfortably.

We not only show you the current starry sky over the Upper Palatinate in three dimensions and in the highest resolution, but also take you into the infinite space of the entire universe with its fascinating beauty. A modern planetarium becomes a virtual universe: We take you on breathtaking flights through our solar system, far out to the stars and to distant galaxies in the depths of space and time. We land on distant planets and moons and our homeland Earth, surrounded by satellites and the International Space Station, appears in a completely new perspective. You'll travel to the birthplaces of new suns, fly through giant star clusters and immerse yourself in the fantastic colors of interstellar gas nebulae. On a clear day, this all merges with observations of the real night sky through the observatory's telescopes into a unique experience.

The combination of a digital 3D planetarium with a modern observatory is unique in Germany.

When the large sunroof slowly opens over the observatory, our visitors experience the starry sky not only as a spectacular simulation but in reality in one of the last places with little light pollution. On a clear night, the naked eye can easily see the band of our Milky Way, all the constellations of the northern sky, and the bright jewels of the major planets. Planetary moons, expansive gaseous nebulae, globular star clusters, supernova remnants and galaxies millions of light years away can be explored by looking through the large observatory telescope. During the public observation evenings every Friday when the weather is clear, the volunteer astronomy experts at the observatory explain the current night sky.


92289 Ursensollen