Regional products
The chefs like to use regional products from local suppliers.
The sausage at the breakfast buffet comes from the butcher's ..., the beer from our restaurant in Einbeck and our heather potatoes directly from the von Hofe family's next farm.

Green living
The hotel pays attention to the consumption of energy and fossil fuels.
All lamps are equipped with energy-saving LEDs. All of our rooms are linked to a heating control system and thus regulate the consumption of fossil fuels when the windows are open or similar.

Species protection
The hotel guarantees that no protected animal species are processed in the kitchen or that native animal species are endangered by the operation. Look out of the window, wild rabbits and hares often romp over our yard.

What do our employees
do Many employees who are able to come to work by bike or on foot, others with a long way to work in our area, receive hybrid vehicles from the hotel to make their daily journey even more climate-friendly.

Avoidance of exhaust fumes
The hotel works exclusively with suppliers whose vehicle fleets are equipped with the green sticker. Charge your electric vehicles at the hotel's electric charging stations on site.

ChargeX is a startup company from Munich.
With the ChargeX electric charging stations, it is possible for us to operate several charging stations via a single charging point. If several vehicles are charged at the charging stations, the electricity is shared between the charging points every 15 minutes. All vehicles with less than 80% charging capacity are prioritized so that all guests can continue their journey the next day without any problems.

Keep getting better
The sustainability goal in 2021 is to hold paperless meetings.
The hotel has converted 90% of the paper used to environmentally friendly copier paper with the “Blue Angel” eco-label. By 2025, our goal is to use solar and photovoltaic systems to make our hotel independent of fossil fuels and to generate less CO2-intensive electricity and thus to produce 100% green electricity and heat.

What can you contribute?
Order room cleaning via your digital guest folder and receive a voucher for € 10.00 as a thank you from the third night. The towels are still changed daily.

Sustainable enough?
Your suggestions and ideas for even more "green" at the Hotel Schnehagen *** are warmly welcome. Just use our quick feedback and leave us your suggestions. We are happy!