NATURE meets WELL-BEING in the Thuringian Forest

“The path to health leads through the kitchen, not through the pharmacy.”
Sebastian Kneipp

A good meal can not only be tasty, but also healthy. On our path to becoming an Ayurvedic chef and health coach, we would like to invite our guests to accompany us and get to know our new “Food as Lifestyle” offer. Ayurvedic cuisine is rooted in vegetarian Indian cuisine, but has now gone far beyond these boundaries. Our goal is to combine Ayurvedic principles with regional delights. We don't want to break with our traditions. Rather, as part of our additional seasonal menu, we create alternative and varied dishes that strengthen the body and mind.

If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda, we recommend taking part in our Ayurveda Feel Good Week. Current information about this is available online on our homepage.