Dinnet card

All year round on Thursdays from 5 p.m.
The Upper Swabian specialty from the wood oven.
If you want to upset a Swabian or Baden resident, say pizza to what he pulls out of the wood oven with the long bread shovel, hot and steaming, crispy and fragrant. With Swabians it's a Dinnete, with Badeners it's a Dinnele - but both over there and over there is an old cultural asset! When there was the bread-baking day once a week in the villages and hamlets, the large wood-burning ovens were heated and then, when the stone oven was at its hottest, shortly before the loaves of bread came in, Dinnete was baked: flat cakes made from farmhouse bread dough with a little caraway seeds. And the difference to pizza? It's easy to explain: Dinnete just tastes very different. The dough is stronger, the topping is not Mediterranean with tomatoes. In the original it came down to what there was on the farm:
Onions, smoked meat, sour cream, fresh herbs or apples and cream as a sweet variant. But globalization does not stop at Dinnete either. Dinnete with tomato and cheese? Well - as long as you tell Dinnete about it ..
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